Make the season bright… but not too bright

The winter holidays make me a little nervous.  An unattended candle is usually enough to throw me into a tizzy… and holiday decorating ideas like this one don’t exactly scream “Fire Safe!”:

The most widely celebrated holidays around this time of year either use fire as a centerpiece or highlight.  And with all the excitement around the house, a candle can easily be forgotten.  Please use your best judgment and common sense when decorating this holiday season!

To remind you how serious a house fire can be and how quickly it can spread, here’s an example from our friends at YouTube.

And, we’re back!

You know… the world is full of surprises.  We’ve had more than a few here at our chapter in the last couple months.

But here we are, on the other side of uncertainty… ready to provide you with an endless supply of random but useful preparedness information.  And sometimes, just cute pictures of cats.

Oh, how I’ve missed the cute pictures of cats.

We just might have a few happy surprises coming down the road as well.  Stay tuned, friends.

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